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Contractor Use Scenario

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Construction contractors may directly contact, disturb or move residual contamination present at or near cleanup sites. Equally important, a contractor may inadvertently damage an engineering control such protective liners or remedial conveyance piping.

Why wouldn't a contractor already be informed before going to the field? While we hope that contractors have benefited by the knowledge of owners, or the review of engineers and local government permitting, this information often is either unknown, overlooked, or does not filter down to the field. Government and industry came to recognize this limitation for buried utility protection, and responded with the excavation clearance system to protect buried utilities. Safety is established through redundancy of approach.


The CSMS brings a mechanism to transfer cleanup information to contractors who might risk exposure, might take actions that cause exposures to others or might damage cleanup features. The CSMS seeks to aid the contractor by:

  • Informed Actions
  • Protection
  • Avoidance
  • Handling
  • Notice

Contractor Use Profiles

As one seeks to achieve the objective of informing contractors, it is reasonable to develop profiling contractors. As the profiles are developed then the use scenarios can be more effectively targeted.

  • Field versus Office.
  • Language Challenges.
  • Contractor Safety
  • Construction Type.
    • Site Preparation
    • Transportation
    • Street Opening
    • Building Improvement
  • Information Technology.
    • Fax
    • Cell Phone

Use Scenarios

The CSMS can introduce new information tools that increase the likelihood that a contractor would gain the information in a timely manner.

  • Webservice to Excavation Clearance Systems
  • Mobile Device Access to CSMS
  • Google or Virtual Map Objects on Contractor Industry Association Websites

Contractor Outreach

The development of the tools and their use will be propelled by participation with the construction community.

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