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Data Manager Overview

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What is the Data Schema?

The CSMS relies on a common data schema: a data set schema that describes attributes of the data sets, and a facility schema that describes the facilities encompassed by the data set. The data sets as they exist within the agencies vary in format such as databases, web pages, spreadsheets and geographic coverages. Because the data elements are relatively limited, it is practical to transform the data sets as stored at the agency to a common data schema for the CSMS.

What is the Data Manager?

Using the phrase "Manage My Data", the CSMS offers a way to direct the upload of data, the refreshing of data, the data presentation, and the control of editing privileges. The data manager is organized by data set (though it will soon be organized by state). There are four pages to the data manager that are accessed through the data manager.

  • Dataset Home Page: Allows dataset in Google Map API, downloading dataset in KML and CSV, and uploading raw dataset for transformation into the CSMS format.

  • View Edit Dataset: Allows viewing and editing the basic information about each data set, as well as documenting the approach for collection and refreshing the dataset.

  • View/Edit Dataset Status Codes: Allows configuring how the status codes are set using the status codes within a given dataset.

  • View/Edit Dataset Mapping to CEK Standard: Presents a review of how the dataset is mapped to the Common Environmental KML used within the map service.

  • View Dataset Users with Edit Rights: Provides a listing of dataset users with edit rights.

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