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Modified on 02/05/2009 09:29 AM by sara Categorized as Manage
This controls and manages the general information associated with a dataset. Some of the data shows on the placemark, other guides the management of the information within the map service.

While all registered CSMS users may view this page, the registered program information manager as system administrators may edit the content. After content has been edited, updates will be placed into the live map service during the next system refresh.

  • Long Name: The Long Name is used within the map balloon display, and is used within the drop down menus of the application. The format for this is typically to insert the state name with a dash and then the name of the dataset. As this is a field that shows in the map display, the Program Information Manager should recognize that there will be a public audience for the data.

  • Short Name: A Short Name used internally on the system to represent the data set.

  • Description: The Description field describes the data set for a public audience. In future builds of the CSMS, the description field will be displayed as a link.

  • Data Collection: Describes the procedures undertaken to collect the data from the government agency, and then any steps necessary to migrate the data set to the Common Environmental KML.

  • Refresh: Describes the approach to updating the data set so that the content remains current and fresh.

  • Disclaimer: Collects any disclaimer on use of the data that the agency represents. Typically the source URL for this disclaimer is also shared.

  • Logo: A 60 by 60 pixel agency logo. The most successful logos are proportioned to fill this space.

  • Home URL: This URL sends the user to the Internet home page associated with this data set. The Home URL is linked to the logo.

  • User Feedback Email: This is the link whereby a user would be able to direct feedback if they discover an error or wish to comment on a facility. This will be implemented.

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