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About the Cleanup Site Map Service

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What is the Cleanup Sites Map Service?

This is a mapping service that would display environmental release sites from both federal and state environmental databases. The map display shows green, yellow or red icons designating the release site, and its respective status as closed with no restrictions, closed with land use restrictions, and cleanup in progress. When an icon is clicked, it reveals the name, address, a summary of cleanup status, presence of an institutional control and a link to the appropriate agency web site (See figure below). A user can apply this service through the web.
Map Overview

Map Overview

This effort is designated a service because the state may offer to its public stakeholders a cleanup sites map service through multiple map clients like Google Map API and Earth, ESRI GIS or Microsoft Virtual Earth. This same service can also publish the same map information to portals such as Google, ESRI and Microsoft.

What is the Problem Being Targeted?

EPA believes that institutional controls (ICs) and engineering controls (ECs) should be readily discoverable and understandable to improve their effectiveness. Currently the ICs or ECs are construed to be hidden and not intuitive, and their enforceability might be challenged because they were not readily known to the public at large. Local governments and the general public often do not know the repositories that might exist. Environmental sites are unevenly displayed in major search engines like Google and Yahoo. As such, this project compliments other data management efforts to promote the discovery of these database resources through common mapping and search tools. It does not seek to replace existing state databases, rather to cache pointers to the state resources (as they may exist) and display them in a common format.

Who Are the Project Sponsors and Team?

This service is being developed by USEPA and implemented in conjunction with ASTSWMO. Our program officers at EPA are known to you. Greg Sullivan works within the Office of Site Remediation Enforcement, and Larry Zaragoza and Chip Love work within the Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation. DPRA and Terradex are performing this work under contract supporting USEPA.

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