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Sharing The Cleanup Site Map Service

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The CSMS offers multiple approaches to share the data using numerous browsers or applications. Various end user scenarios offer varying tools to deliver the data. There are two pathways to share the data from the Cleanup Map Service: web services that support making Google Maps or Microsoft Virtual Earth, and user mapping tools like Google Earth or ESRI ArcGIS Explorer. The utilization of data feed services through organizations like Google offer the ability to also aid the discovery of sites through text search as well as map search.

Sharing through Web Mapping Services like Google Maps or Microsoft Virtual Earth

The Search For Sites web page within the Cleanup Sites Map service is representative of a simple Google Map.

Any agency can adapt the cleanup map service to select the types of facilities to show, and to limit the geographic limits of the display. For example, a state could collect their federal and state facilities, and show one map limited to their state.

At a smaller scale, a local government could introduce a similar map configured to their jurisdictional boundaries.

Sharing as a Resource to Google Earth and ESRI ArcGIS Explorer

The Cleanup Site Map Service allows making customized maps within Google Maps, Microsoft Virtual Earth and other web mapping services such as:

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