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Sharing Through ESRI Services

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ESRI provides tools to view and transmit geospatial data like this cleanup data. To view data, ESRI has a professional geospatial tools including ArcGIS Map and a free viewer called ArcGIS Explorer. ESRI's data distribution solution is called ArcGISOnline, and is available as a means to view this cleanup data.

Using ArcGIS Explorer to View Cleanup Sites

If you have not yet downloaded ArcGIS Explorer, please visit Download ArcGIS Explorer to download and install the required software. Once this has been completed, you should automatically be able to open the software and begin using ArcGIS Explorer. ArcGIS Explorer does not support Macs.

1) Open Cleanup Site Map Service within ArcGIS Explorer: Once ArcGIS Explorer has been installed on your PC, open the Cleanup Sites Map URL. You have two ways to access cleanup sites information: as a KML feed and through ArcGISOnline.

2) Accessing as KML: This is accomplished by choosing "File" from the program menu, then selecting "Open", and finally picking "KML".

ArcGIS File Open Sequence

Then within the Open Window (above), select KML and then enter the URL.


ArcGIS File Open Sequence

Using ArcGIS Map to View Cleanup Sites

Applying the Cleanup Site Map service is accomplished through accessing the map service through ArcGIS Online. The next section provides instructions on joining ArcGIS Online. The map service is shared within ArcGIS Online, and is secure permission-based content. As a service, the data is kept fresh, and the user can enjoy the data applicable to their region of interest. The image below from ArcGIS Online shows how the map service content can be brought into an ArcGIS Map session -- one just clicks the link, and the data presents itself in an ArcGIS Map session. Select Cleanup Site Map Service

Joining ArcGIS Online

1) Create an ESRI Global Account: Using ArcGIS Online requires an ESRI Global Account which can be created by visiting ESRI Account Creation.At the bottom of the image below, observe (in red) the Create Account link. Once created, a username will be email to you.

2) Join the Cleanup Sites Map Service Group: Login to the ArcGIS Online with your username. Then search for the Cleanup Sites Map Service user group. This is accomplished by entering selecting the drop down "Search for Groups" and then entering "Cleanup Sites Map" into the search box. Then click "Join this Group" and a Request for Membership will be transmitted. You will receive notice was the request has been processed (within one business day. Once you have received notice that you are part of the Cleanup Site Map Service Group, you will find the geospatial data service listed under My Content. By clicking the icon called "Open in ArcGIS" you may view the data through the map service.:

Search for User Group

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